8 Things You Should Avoid When in A Bar

#1: Do not order beer in a cocktail bar (or cocktails in one of beer) 
Are you surprised that you only have a couple of cold barley? You are probably in the wrong place. Sure, there are places that turn out to be an exception, but when they are specialties, you have to go for them. If it’s bear you want, you should be visiting some hot clubs like Mad Hatter Pub.

#2: The bartender DOES NOT choose your drink 

These days the cocktail options are huge, and nobody blames you for asking for an opinion. But in the end, it must be your decision. Sure, if he knows you long ago and knows that you prefer something sweet about dry, or that you prefer straight liquors, instead of mixtures, then he could guide you. At first sight, the bartender cannot decide for you. 

#3: Do not leave a bad tip 

Yes, sometimes it is not easy to decide or decipher how much to stop tipping for a few drinks. But that does not mean you’re tight. In fact, experts of the specialized liquor portal suggest leaving at least 20 percent of the total bill, and even more, if a special service was received. 

#4: Do not wave a ticket to get the bartender’s attention 

Why not? Because it is (very) bad taste, that without saying that you will not convince the bartender to serve you your first drink. Instead, make eye contact and be patient, that could bring your drinks faster. 

#5: Flirting with the bartender 

We all got to have a crush with the bartender, who has already received any suggestion, flirting line, and possible compliment. Forget then, use your tricks and better make conversation (if it is not very busy). If you do not get that “vibes” back, do not take it as a personal challenge, leave it or let it work and go and conquer someone else. 

#6: Do not ask for a drink that another bartender created 

“The other day, this guy prepared me an incredible drink that was blue and had vodka, something juice and I do not know what else.” 
No matter how talented the bartender is, that phrase will not end well. It’s hard to recreate a drink based on such a vague description, not to mention that the bar cannot have the right ingredients. Unless you can take the recipe in writing, with measurements and everything, better ask for something that is on the beverage list. 

#7: Do not order a whiskey in a tequila bar (or an old one in a bourbon bar) 

Apply the same theory as beer and cocktails. Every day we see more specialized bars in certain drinks or brands. Take a look at the bar’s drink list: if you see a majority of simple spirits, ask for it; If it’s cocktails, try one. We guarantee that the staff is more familiar with the specialties of the bar, than with a unit liquor lost in the menu. 

#8: Do not ask for a free round 

When a bartender offers a free drink, it is accepted, enjoyed and given a good tip. From there to being you who demand free drinks, there is a huge difference. No, bartenders do not have a “quota” of alcohol that they can give away each night.