What Makes the Bar Stool Ideal for You?

This article is for all the restauranteurs and organizations choosing to place bar stools. The bar stools must be chosen not just for the aesthetics, but because they are simply great to sit in. A good place to begin this is by visiting a bar and enjoying it before you buy a whole set. A perfect bar stool has these essential features.

  1. A back

Picture your favorite bar. The very reason why you love hanging, apart from meeting your friends enjoying your favorite beer of tap, is the bar stools that are more like the taller chairs than the stools at all. They all have backs. The only bar stool you love relaxing on is the one that has a back. The backless stools are just meant to burden the customers.

  1. Cushioning

No matter how cushiony your butt is, very few people would prefer sitting on a wooden slab if hanging out for longer hours. With any furniture piece, the comfort level of the given cushioning is only ascertained just by sitting on it and just because a seat seems comfortable, doesn’t mean it will be.

  1. A place to put your feet on

When you are a shorty, bar stools are considered your personal fear. If the bar stool has no bar to rest your feet upon, it is more comfy to slide off the stool and put your feet on the ground while you are hanging out and a cheek remains upon the seat. For these people, dangling feet always feel awkwardly heavy after a point in time.

  1. Scootability

Comfortable sitting is not a mere factor when it comes to bar stools, comfortable shimmying it up to the bar, back slightly to include a third person or closer to your lover is also preferred. Hence, a good bar stool shouldn’t be merely just planted on the ground, but they should rather be mobile. The ability to pivot or swivel with no springs that fling you back around is also preferred.

  1. Height

Height is another important factor and particularly in association to the height of the bar. When it comes to the bar stools, nothing makes it worse that is too tall for the bar that prevents you from scooching it up all without crushing your thighs. And if the bar stool is too low, the bar will reach your armpits and make you feel like a kid instead of an adult.

Paul Petersen